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I went into an interview for the new office of, and came out not only with the office design job, but also the owner's parade home that was to be finished within the next few months. The Utah Valley Parade of Homes is no joke, it's a large home show that spans the entire county and requires that all 35-40 homes that are submitted be absolutely complete. Not only from the foundation, and finish work, but down to the pool, sod, and furniture. With time rapidly eating at our back, the homeowners and I quickly went to work selecting flooring, tile, wallpaper, furniture, and accessories to finish their home in time for the show. 

This parade home was a unique circumstance. It had a previous owner who had made almost all selections for the actual home itself, so by the time I was brought onto the project with new owners a lot of the big decisions were already set in stone. They were able to change a few of the surfaces, but the floor plan, kitchen layout, and exterior elements had already been set in place. With these decisions underway we went to work selecting furniture styles, fabrics, trims and finishes to complete the vibrant and life-filled space. 

Through bi-weekly meetings at our local furniture store- Gatehouse No.1 in Orem, UT, custom drapery appointments, plant scape meetings, and many hours searching the web for additional home accents we finally finished the home! Don't let me fool you into thinking it was an easy and smooth process- we had the backsplash kitchen tile being installed as we installed furniture... not ideal, but the show must go on!

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